Warehouse Services


In each phase of the supply chain, Logisticare uses advanced software that is exclusively customized to its needs. Inventory receiving and audit processes based on customer requirements are all performed using sophisticated inventory and warehouse management software, delivering optimal precision in inventory intake and receiving processes and bigger savings for the customer.


At Logisticare, storage is a significant link in the supply chain. All our warehouses are managed to the highest of standards, using unique storage systems and cutting-edge computerized systems for command and control of inventory. Our storage sites are operated subject to strict safety procedures and secured on the highest of levels. At the bonded warehouses adjacent to Ashdod Port, Logisticare provides bonded warehouse services that include logistics services for import shipments, from their unloading through to their delivery at the customer's premises. Our container terminal located on the outskirts of Ashdod Port provides container storage services.

Inventory management

Advanced information systems enable inventory and warehouse management that is especially accurate, reliable and efficient. Warehouse management is performed by a modern WMS system. Inventory is managed according to FEFO, FIFO, production batch and serial number. At Logisticare, we perform provisioning, periodic physical inventory and cycle counting, thus assuring optimal efficiency in inventory planning and significant savings for our customers. Interfaces and links with the customer's information systems allow for complete transparency in work processes.

Order picking

To support Logisticare's goals – excellence and the highest of standards – special software was created, enabling order picking through a variety of means and methods, including mobile terminals, electric order pickers, the pick-by-item method and an automatic sorting system for distribution. All software is cutting-edge and our sophisticated systems support short service time, which, of course, ensures that our customers benefit from significant savings in both time and costs.

Handling returns

Logisticare provides a full service suite throughout the length of the customer's supply chain, which also includes receiving returns from the end customer. This service mainly consists of unloading, sorting and computerized return-to-stock. Other activities include the refurbishment of returns and involve repackaging, various repairs, removal and replacement of labels/stickers, etc.

Other Services