Transportation and Distribution

Land freight services

Logisticare drives your success in Israel. Our ground transport system includes a fleet of dozens of vehicles, with trucks of various load-carrying capacities and dedicated vehicles, all governed by dedicated dispatch software for command and control of ground transport operations, a professional team and skilled drivers. This enables us to pick up containers from seaports and airports and make pickups from vendors and production sites within the optimal timeline, providing customers with operational flexibility, anytime, anywhere.

International shipping and transport

Logisticare also accompanies your success abroad. Our advanced supply chain includes international shipping services by sea and by air through our strategic collaboration with a number of Israeli firms active in the international freight industry. Logisticare's operational system provides for picking up containers and cargo from seaports and airports, unloading them, and successfully dispatching them to their destination.


Like all other operations in Logisticare's sophisticated supply chain, distribution activities are also performed by means of the most unique and latest systems and apps, allowing for maximum operational flexibility and efficiency. Out distribution system includes a fleet of dozens of vehicles, with trucks of various load-carrying capacities, and above all – a highly professional, reliable management team and team of drivers.
The Company offers a variety of distribution services, including distribution to private individuals (B2C) and to businesses (B2B), everywhere in Israel.
Logisticare's distribution system conforms to the highest of standards, using a dedicated TMS system specially customized to Logisticare's needs in running its distribution operation.
All of these provide for optimal, efficient response times by a very important link in our customers' supply chains.

Other services