Logisticare. All the advantages

Logisticare provides high-quality services in all third-party logistics categories, including storage, inventory management, order picking, distribution to businesses, private individuals, and reception of returns.
We also offer a range of diverse value-added services such as the operation of production and packaging lines, adaptation of items to conform to local requirements, and pack and kit building.

A stock of advanced logistic solutions

Logisticare strives for excellence and sets the highest of standards throughout the length of the supply chain. Logisticare's broad logistics system comprises 10 storage sites with a built-up area of over 100,000 m2, which include logistics centers, bonded warehouses and a container terminal. The Company has over 500 skilled employees. In addition, Logisticare's distribution network includes a fleet of trucks, cutting-edge production lines and sophisticated electronics and communications laboratories. Our distribution, inventory management, picking and operational systems are at the forefront of technology and enable us to deliver advanced solutions, anytime, anywhere.
Every link in Logisticare's supply chain is supported by world-class computer and automation systems as well as broad-scale infrastructure, allowing for comprehensive quality management and conformity to rigorous Israeli and international standards.

A leading logistics partner for customers seeking peace of mind

Logisticare's supply chain and the variety of our logistic solutions and services aim to continuously improve the service we provide to end customers. Future analysis and planning, coupled with operational flexibility, deliver optimal cost savings, inventory management and distribution. This means that our customers, such as Partner Communications, Shufersal, Electra, Bank Hapoalim, H&O and others are free to concentrate on their business development, thanks to their partnership with a reliable, leading professional logistic services provider.

Success with a vision

As a member of the Maman Group, Logisticare covenants to work to the standards set by the parent company, always fully committed to the principles of ethics, transparency, professionalism and reciprocity based on the understanding that fair business practices are the fitting, and only, path to success. Logisticare leads the logistics industry in Israel thanks to its curiosity, creativity and openness to new ideas, and constantly reviews new logistics methodologies and technological developments that perpetually improve the service we provide to our customers throughout the length of the supply chain.